FAQ : Monkey Magic Tuneful Melodies?

I receive many (many... many...) emails asking "where can i buy the songs from Monkey magic?" Well, i have some bad news and some good news....

Many of these tracks, because they're sooooo old, are not avalable as 'singles' (as we used to call them, back in the day) BUT are available on cd - mostly imported from Japan. I've given a list of the most requested tunes below and the name of the cd they can be found on as well as links to the appropriate page on Amazon where you can buy them. Enjoy.

The Monkey Magic theme tune
Available only on the cd "Saiyuki - Magic Monkey" (Mini Lp Sleeve) by Godiego.
Buy from Amazon uk or Amazon.com or check out the Great Sage Amazon store.

As a huge bonus, this album also features the other three most requested tunes: Havoc in heaven, Gandhara and Birth of the odyssey.

What are you waiting for? :-)

"I'm not immortal yet! What's mortal
must die and i hate that idea
King Monkey